How does this work?

Our site was designed with simplicity in mind. Our boxes are made in three simple steps:

  1. Select your box.
  2. Pick your monogramming (free of charge!)
  3. Handpick the items you’d like in your box.

We handle the rest!

What if I want to buy a box without items, or items with no box?

Based on the nature of our company, we do not sell boxes or items individually. Please contact hello@rockaboxbaby.com to discuss this policy further.

Why are your boxes $25-$35 before I put any items in it?

Our box prices are based on their high quality lacquer finish. They look great on a nightstand, dresser or side table and will grow with the baby. Lacquer boxes are sophisticated and timeless.

Do you gift wrap?

Yes! Please select the gift wrapping option when you check out.

Where are you based?

We are based in Chicago, but ship throughout the the United States. We offer same-day pickup within the Chicagoland area.

Do you ship worldwide?

At the moment, our checkout only allows you to ship within the US. However, to set-up an international shipping, please contact our customer support at hello@rockaboxbaby.com.

What makes your product different?

  • Our boxes are high quality. Unlike other gift box websites, our boxes are not cardboard or cheap. They are meant to be kept and look great on a dresser or nightstand in a nursery. Plus, the monogramming is free!
  • We offer a large selection of products. We only offer the best baby brands on the market to put in our boxes. All of our products are available in male, female and gender neutral colors.
  • We understand your budget. Have a high budget? Then add all the items to your box! Is your budget on the lower side? No worries— just add the minimum number of items. Remember, the box is a gift in itself!
  • We gift wrap and ship for you. We understand how stressful buying and shipping gifts can be. That is why we have adorable gift wrapping options. Better yet, we send the gift-wrapped box straight to the address of your choice for a low cost.

I want my item sold in your box. Who do I contact?

Please contact us at kylie@rockaboxbaby.com

I want to feature your boxes on my blog. What is the process?

We would love to be featured on your blog! Please contact kylie@rockaboxbaby.com.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Due to the customization of our product, we do not offer returns or exchanges. If a box or item arrives damaged, please reach out to us here.